Peace Gardens

AFSC-LA fosters community growth and youth development with Peace Gardens at local high schools.

Central High School - Mar Vista

Beginning in January 2010, students at the Central High School in Mar Vista began planning and designing the first Friends Peace Garden.  Today, the garden features over 10 raised garden beds, a pond, tool shed, compost pile, and seedling and potting area.

Central High School - South Los Angeles

In June 2010, Central High School at All Peoples' Christian Center in South  Los Angeles created a second Friends Peace Garden.  It features 4 raised beds and a wide variety of plants and vegetables.  Plans are underway to expand the garden.

Lincoln High School - Lincoln Heights

In collaboration with the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, students at Lincoln High School in Northeast Los Angeles are busy building garden on their campus.  At its completion, the garden will be enjoyed by the over 2,000 students at the school.

To learn more about the Friends Peace Garden, download the fact sheet.

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