Career Alternatives

As a young person, you'll face a number of choices - including what type of career path you want to pursue.  One of your first priorities will be to finish high school.  Did you know that the average annual salary of a person with a high school diploma is about $30,500?  For those with only some high school, the annual salary drops to about $23,500.

To get started, take an online career path quiz to learn more about yourself and which type of career appeals to your interests and matches your skills.  Speak with your teachers, counselors, friends and family to help you.

If you are still unsure about your future, download a copy of the American Friends Service Committee's "It's My Life: A Guide to Alternatives after High School."  In it, you'll find more information about the different options you have.

A part of the work of the American Friends Service Committee is to help youth understand that they have career options.  The military, for instance, does not have to be the only choice or the last resort for many youth.  Our staff and resources are available to career counselors and educators.  We make classroom presentations and co-host "Great Futures" Fairs at high schools.  To schedule a visit, go to

For more information on your options during and after high school click Here.
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