At our office in Los Angeles, we're often asked what we do.  So, we decided to a create blog/website to show you.

It features our work with youth in primarily underserved neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  If you know L.A., then you know that it's big!  That doesn't stop us.  We're working with nearly 100 youth each week at high schools in West LA within a housing project, in South LA, Downtown LA, and Northeast LA.  Our program is youth driven, which means we offer youth the tools and resources to help themselves and strengthen their community.  Our approach has been to listen to their needs.

The overwhelming response from youth, educators, our partners has been the desire for urban peace gardens.  The communities we work in are often surrounded by gangs as well as a lack of healthy food stores; so the gardens in many ways fills that void.  The peace gardens represent a refuge from the violence and a learning space about food justice and healthy eating.  In recognition of the work, AFSC LA was awarded the 2010 Subaru of American Healthy Sprouts Award.

Look around and check out what we do!

AFSC- LA Through the Eyes of an Intern:

Contact us:

AFSC- Los Angeles
634 S. Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone: 213 489-1900


Instagram: @RootsforPeace_AFSC_LA

Facebook: facebook.com/AFSC.LA

Twitter: twitter.com/afsclosangeles
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