Monday, June 3, 2013

Lemon Balm Tea

Hello My name is Joanna Farias . Im 19 years old. I'm a senior at Central High School graduating in the summer. Wanted to share a recipe for Lemon balm.

The first time I had it was actually the very day I made it!  We needed drinks for a school ceremony honoring our staff at the center. It was a last minute idea.  We were in need of some refreshments to give to our invited guests.  Not having much time before starting, and making the choice to not serve sugary drinks, it occurred to me to go into our school garden that AFSC helped build and maintain on a weekly basis.  We had some lemon-balm growing, so I took a risk and made some tea out of it. I was honored when many people enjoyed it.  

What I love about this tea is that it’s easy to make, its low on sugar, its healthy, refreshing, and great to share with invited guests.  It’s great for those hot summer afternoons.

1 gallon of water
12 sprigs of lemon balm
2 lemons thinly sliced (for color and added flavor)
¼ - ½ cup of sugar

First you boil the water, and add the lemon balm.  Boil the lemon balm for 20-25 minutes. Then you strain the tea to remove the tea leafs. Put it in the refrigerator as a quick method to cool down the tea. Minimum time 15 minutes. Afterwards you add sugar, ice, and slices of lemons. Finally, the tea is ready to serve iced cold or chilled. 

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