Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Community Health Fair

By: Joanna Farias and Teresa Munguia                                                     Every year, All People's Community Center hosts a health fair for the community.  Each time, our class (Central High School) does its best to participate.  This year the health fair had a wide variety of booths to inform the community about the many resources available in our area.  There were many services offered such as free dental screenings, health demonstrations, and free food. The gym was packed with people of all ages from children to the elderly.

We were responsible for teaching our community about the garden that we have been working on for over 3 years. For example, we started by presenting a display of sugar cubes, as well as different types of junk foods including sodas, energy drinks, and candy.  We then led visitors in a guessing game: "How many sugar cubes do you think are in this soda?" When we show them the amount of sugar, many people exclaimed: "WOW!"

We asked them: "Would any of you eat this many sugar cubes? Everyone responded, "NO!" So instead, we gave them practical and healthy alternatives to make at home like homemade fruit water or "agua fresca." We wanted them to feel in control of what they consume by preparing good snacks at home. Afterwards, we led them outside on a tour of our beautiful garden.

We showed them our "famous" collard greens, mustard greens, broccoli, snap peas, herb spiral, beets,
lettuce, kale, chiles, and carrots. They were very impressed and asked how they could be involved, in both the parent and student gardens.  Our role was to demonstrate how growing a garden is economical, healthier and fun.  After the tour, we handed them herbs to take home and plant. They showed a lot of interest, and were happy with the samples we gave them. One person commented, "It is a very beautiful garden. It shows how serious you all are about health."

It was a great experience where everyone involved got something out of it. Thus we planted a "seed of knowledge" in each person, hoping it will grow and they will become involved.


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