Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cooking at All Peoples'

Today at All Peoples' our friends from RootDown LA came and talked with us about food, specifically the types of food we grow in our garden, and showed us how to to cook what we grow! We talked about whole foods and why we're more inclined to eat processed foods then whole foods, and then we learned techniques to help us cook our whole foods to make them delicious. Not all of us were sold on vegetables when they got there, but they managed to make believers out of us.

And at the end we got to enjoy our creations!Click Here to see a slideshow of the fun!

Friday, October 14, 2011

From Garden to Gourmet!

Chef Farid Zadi of the Ecole de Cuisine Culinary Arts
School harvests food from the garden!
Students at Central High School in the Mar Vista Housing Projects were pleasantly surprised and delighted when Susan Park and Chef Farid Zadi of the Ecole de Cuisine Culinary Arts school visited their classroom in October.  Susan and Farid, who have also recently opened a restaurant in Culver City, shared with students about about how they started their business, the importance of eating locally grown sustainable foods, and caring for urban gardens.

Susan and Chef Zadi were so thrilled with the students that they have volunteered to return at least once per month to lead cooking demonstrations and help students grow their healthy vegetables in their school garden.  Areas like the Mar Vista Housing Projects are deprived of many healthy options for food, but Ecole de Cuisine that may all change.  In exchange for their help, some of herbs and vegetables like thyme, mint, oregano and Swiss chard will donated to their culinary school.  View a slideshow of their visit here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Handling reptiles at Mar Vista

Tanya Silva from Eco Station in Culver City donates
a rescued turtle to the pond at Central HS. Thanks Tanya!
Today at Mar Vista our friend Tanya from Star Ecostation joined us to teach us a little about plant anatomy. We looked at plant diagrams and then dissected marigolds. After we talked about plants, Tanya taught us a little about turtles and brought us a new turtle for our garden pond! We named the turtle Lucky Squirt and introduced her to her new home. And as a treat, Tanya also brought along a ball python from the Ecostation for us to look at and (for some of the braver students) hold!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Youth Mentoring Children

A child at AFSC's Friends Peace
Garden in South LA looks at
a giant sunflower in
AFSC is working with several students from Central High School in South Los Angeles in training them to mentor elementary school age children.   In an effort to build stronger relationships with our community partner, the All Peoples Community Center, 3 to 4 high school youth throughout the school year and summer shows kids from the center’s day care program about growing their own food, building and caring for a garden, and healthy eating.  AFSC staff is assisted by 
the school and community center's staff.  
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