Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We helped organize the first annual Great Futures Fair at Miguel Contreras Learning Complex.  In collaboration with Michelle Cohen from CAM’s, and the college counselor at Miguel Contreras, we hosted over 35 career, community org, and college representatives.  Students engaged in classroom presentations as well as one on one conversations in a more traditional table area.  Students signed up for volunteer opportunities, apprenticeships, and a few jobs.  Furthermore, students recieved information on the myths and realities of military recruitment. This was an important step towards career alternatives in the westlake area.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Student Garden Exchange

For 9 months students at All Peoples and students at Mar Vista have  heard about each other’s gardens.  They’ve asked “How do they do their thang?”  They finally found out.  All Peoples Students visited Mar Vista where they took a tour of the garden, saw Mar Vista’s new aquaponics system (very cool!), and shared their successes, failures, and future plans for the garden.  At the end of the exchange Mar Vista gave their South LA visitors a very cool gift: some vegetable seedlings.  This may just be the beginning of a productive long term collaboration…
MarVista's Welcome Gift to All Peoples
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